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on March 3, 2015

I have a few tips that will possibly make some things a tiny bit easier around the house. From laundry to cooking, I’m going to share my tips.

If you start a large load of laundry in the washing machine, when it’s finished, put it on spin mode one more time before putting into the drier. I do this for towels and jeans. It will dry faster.

When you are patting out hamburger, wet your hands and don’t dry them. This will not allow the grease to stick to your hands and will be easier to wash the excess grease off.

If your car is clean and you still can’t get that stale smell out, put dryer sheets under your car seats.

Speaking of dryer sheets, this helps keep the ants away in the summer if you lay them on the counter or wherever they like to enter your house.

Instead of spending a load of money on diaper pails for your baby, use a small trash can and sprinkle baking soda over every dirty diaper after putting in the trash can.

Hope this helps and if you have tips, please leave them in the comments for me and others who will read. Thank you!

Happy Thoughts xoxo

5 responses to “A FEW AROUND THE HOUSE TIPS | Tipsy Tuesday

  1. gwenancarter says:

    Never thought about using the spin cycle before drying!! Definetly going to try this 🙂

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  2. ManicMedic says:

    I love the smell of dryer sheets!!!!

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  3. Jon Harrison says:

    Loads of handy tips 🙂


  4. Handy , handy tips! Thanks for sharing.


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