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Busy Busy Mama

on August 24, 2015

I’ve been neglecting what I love for a long time. I’ve missed my writing and putting things down on digital paper. There’s so much to talk about but so little time to do it. Since I’ve been gone, my oldest turned 11 (when did I get old enough for a middle schooler), she’s in horse riding lessons, made the volleyball team(just like her mama), and I’m in my third term of classes in college and will graduate this coming June! 
She started school the 17th of August and it’s been crazier than ever! Between my classes, my 2 year old, and my 11yr old staring middle school and those horse lessons I feel like I have no hope! We just came back from the beach today and I just found out I have to be part of this bake sale next Saturday. Wtf? Really? I have no one to watch my two year old so this means she will have to come and I will just be there to chase her around the parking lot! 

 My university is an hour away from my house so this gets tough. My oldest has horse lessons once a week and volleyball practice is every night! I feel like I should take this term off but my husband thinks I should keep pushing. I just feel like this is all on me and I don’t know where to turn, except the page. (See what I did there? Haha. Sorry needed to laugh at myself.) 

Did I tell you I have been sick the past two days? Oh I feel like I’m dying! Goodnight loves! Write ya tomorrow! 


5 responses to “Busy Busy Mama

  1. Jodi Watt says:

    Hi Heather!!
    I’ve missed you and congratulations on your schooling!! You should be so proud of yourself!!
    Hope you feel better very soon.
    The girls are growing so fast…I remember when your baby was just a baby.
    Take good care of yourself!
    Love you, Jodi

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  2. Brian Dane says:

    So this is where my once favorite daily vlogger is hiding lol


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