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Busy Busy All the Time, Need to Make Some Room for Wine

on September 8, 2015

Ahh, the holiday weekend is over and it’s time for reality. The thing is as a full-time stay at home mom and college student, I never have holiday or vacation or sick days! All you stay at home parents understand this. I have just finished writing over the weekend three papers for one class and another paper for Anatomy and Physiology II.

Since my oldest had no school because of Labor Day, I decided to take them to the water park for one last hoorah before it gets cold. I invited our friends and their kids and we had so much fun. This was on a whim and I’m very proud of myself for doing this. Most of you know that I have severe anxiety and barely wanted to leave my house. Lately, I have been less anxious and it feels so freeing!



After the water park my oldest had horse lessons and we had to rush home to get cleaned up and changed so we could get there on time. She still loves it and wishes she could ride everyday. 🙂

IMG_4050 IMG_4049

As I write this, I am smiling because I haven’t felt like this in years. Even though I am extremely busy these days (which makes some people feel trapped), I feel like my old self again. I think being busy forced me to get out of my shell. Doing things for the girls makes my anxiety go away. They are my medicine, they keep me going, they chase away my fears, and because I am their mother, they need me to be their mother.

Much love xoxo


One response to “Busy Busy All the Time, Need to Make Some Room for Wine

  1. You know, I use essential oils, and it has made it so I can go off of anxiety medication! Something like that may help you….


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