Whatever life throws at me, I will catch it.

Will it Ever End?

on September 28, 2015

Ever feel like you are losing yourself? Have a day (or two or three) where everything is just wrong? Well yesterday was that day for me. 

Potty training an almost three year old I feel like is hopeless!! It’s been almost a month and we are stuck! She’s a “holder” so she’ll tell me she has to go, but as soon as we get to the bathroom, she won’t go and we sit there FOREVER.

My almost two year old is on new allergy meds and they make her EXTRA SENSITIVE! (As if she needed to be anymore)

It was raining yesterday so we keep the dogs inside. The Masstiff decides to crap on the carpet… I have two I’m potty training at the moment!

There’s this tattoo that I’ve been wanting along my rib cage and down my hip. I look in the mirror where it will go and my selfesteem took a big hit.

One of my classes is online and had to be rescheduled for yesterday evening at 7. Yesterday evening I had to pick up my oldest from her dads at 6. After I got her we had to go to the store because today is a surprise baby shower for the athletic director at her school. I got back 15 minutes before class started and had to speed eat dinner.  While I’m in my online class, I hear my youngest crying because she doesn’t want to use the potty for my husband.

I could go on and on about things that’s happened but I think you get it. I push everyday, straining to reach that light at the end of the tunnel! Something always ends up in front of me, blocking that light and I end up in darkness.


2 responses to “Will it Ever End?

  1. You have a lot going on, but things will get easier…

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  2. Jon Harrison says:

    Keep the faith Heather, you have a lot going on but it won’t be like this forever 😊

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